What you ought to do in the event that your husband would rather prioritize his family than you

Many married Indian women face this dangerous and stressful circumstance. Most Indian families, especially combined ones, expect sons to meet their parents' needs, even if that means putting them before their wives.

A married lady must constantly fight to obtain her husband's attention over the in-laws. Thus, we provide some advise for when your spouse chooses his family above you.

Translating your views to your husband requires clear and straightforward communication. If your spouse goes to his parents right after work, talks for hours, then goes to bed without you, it's a problem.

Set a schedule where your spouse can spend half the time with his parents and half the time with you. Bring up the importance of maintaining a strong marital tie.

Does your spouse provide a lot of his salary to his parents and family, leaving you and the kids struggling each month? If so, create a balanced budget with your husband and discreetly express your worry. Ask him to keep his parents' spending under control as you do.

Always anticipate family to knock on your door. Regular sessions might be taxing, but once or twice a week is OK. Your husband may be thrilled when relatives visit, but he may not recognize your anxiety. Request that your husband limit weekend visits or let you arrange without heart-thumping.

At times, Indian mothers-in-law argue with their daughter-in-law because they are possessive of their sons. Such cases force the husband to battle his wife for his mother. This can damage marriage trust and generate tension. So, the only option is to stick to your guns and ask your spouse to address all sides. Tell him that supporting his mother alone will be a major issue in the future.

If your husband prioritizes family and spends more time with them, you can too. You should visit your parents more regularly and spend more time with them like your spouse. Like your spouse, send your parents an equal amount of money and see your cousins more. This manner, he can see his flaws and you can create healthy marriage boundaries.

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