Weak core muscles and posture can cause belly obesity.

Weak core muscles and bad posture can cause a protruding belly, but visceral fat, which is more dangerous, is a deeper issue.

Weak Core Muscles: The core muscles support the spine, maintain posture, and stabilize the body. An excessive lower back arch and pelvic tilt due to weak core muscles might result in bad posture. 

This can provide the illusion of a bulging belly even without much visceral fat. Targeted core strengthening workouts enhance posture and lessen abdominal protrusion.

A rounded or projecting belly can result from poor sitting or standing posture. Slouching or hunching forward might alter spine alignment and aggravate lower back curve. 

While weak core muscles and poor posture can alter abdominal appearance, they are not the main causes of visceral fat buildup and abdominal obesity. 

Visceral fat surrounds organs in the abdomen. It can cause cardiovascular disease and insulin resistance.

Posture Correction: Watch your posture while sitting, standing, and walking. Support the spine with core muscles to maintain neutrality.

A healthcare or fitness professional can help with stomach obesity and posture difficulties by creating a specific workout and lifestyle plan.

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