Trent Williams is scheduled to perform on Sunday.

In Week 18, the 49ers will face the Rams in a meaningless game, and some important players will not be playing. As a veteran, Trent Williams will play left tackle.

On Friday, Williams' inclusion in the game was confirmed by Coach Kyle Shanahan.

As previously stated, Shanahan does not believe that anyone should take two weeks off. After taking a month or three weeks off, Trent returned and you should have seen him.

 We'll have to wait and watch how the game unfolds, but it's not good. He must approach this week as if he were preparing to play.

Williams could get limited action. Particularly for teams who get a bye week, the objective is to maintain a rhythm for the players.

When it comes time to hold serve in the divisional round, a player who goes three weeks without playing may not be as prepared as they should be. The one conference that gets a bye always faces a wild-card round team that has already played and won, so they go into the divisional round thinking they have nothing to lose.

That could become a major issue for a club whose exceptional season may be ruined in the span of three hours by a team that caught them off guard.

For the 49ers, it's still a prudent gamble. The 49ers' chances of beating the wild-card winner in the divisional round, which is in around fifteen or sixteen days, will be diminished if Williams sustains an injury in a meaningless game and is unable to participate.

Watch this space for further developments.