There are seven surprising health benefits associated with sexual activity that you were not aware of in the past.

Sex has many advantages and is joyful. Though many of us know its fundamental advantages like decreasing stress, few know its additional health benefits. Some of these will surprise you! Sex has 7 previously unknown health advantages.

Sex protects against bacteria, viruses, and other invaders. Penn researchers discovered that college students who had sex once or twice a week had greater antibody levels than those who had less.

A woman's pelvic floor muscles strengthen and tone with regular orgasms. Women utilize the same muscles for Kegels and orgasms. Stronger pelvic muscles reduce accidents and pee leakage.

Sexual activity regulates estrogen and testosterone. These hormone imbalances can cause heart disease and osteoporosis. For heart health, more sex is better!

People who feel self-conscious about their body during sex may not enjoy it. If you're worried about your appearance, you can't enjoy yourself fully. Good sex boosts body confidence by making you feel better about your physique.

Prolactin, which induces sleep, is produced after orgasm. You fall asleep faster after sex, enhancing your sleep.

Humans are socially wired. Family and friend interaction improves health. People with close relationships, including their partner, are happier and healthier.

Knowing what you want in sex and being able to communicate it makes you strong. You may feel strong in bed without waiting for someone else. Being outspoken boosts confidence in many areas of life.

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