There are indications that the person you are missing is not truly connected to him in any way.

Have you ever found out that you are missing someone in your life, just to find out that it is not truly that person that you are missing? Are you perplexed?

It is possible that at that same moment, it does not make any sense to you; but, after some time has passed, you will come to the realization that there are other reasons why you miss someone that are not anyhow related to them.

You might be experiencing feelings of loneliness. It's possible that you're longing for someone to cuddle up with during the night. It's possible that you long for someone to text you constantly.

There is also the possibility that you miss having someone in your life who can reassure you that everything is going to be OK. It's possible that you won't miss them in particular.

Are you having trouble loving yourself? People around you probably give you most of your confidence. It helps to be complimented or know how much you turn someone on. Without a companion, you may feel unattractive.

Pressure to settle down at a particular age or be in a relationship that might lead to marriage is high. When single, you may feel judged constantly. Sense of slipping behind. You miss how pleased people were of your love.

Since you have to start over, starting a new relationship is difficult. Someone doesn't know your past. Your family, friends, and likes and dislikes are unknown to them. Someone who knows you best may make you miss them. You could be yourself around them. You miss being yourself.

Overall, you may miss a connection, not the individual. You miss them and what a relationship meant. You must remember that returning to them won't help. You miss how they made you feel, not the person. You miss a relationship and should take time to yourself until you discover one.

Watch this space for further developments.