The truth of what it's like to be the other woman in an affair, revealed by six different women

The concept of being "the other woman" in a relationship has a multitude of facets that is unknown to each of us. On the other hand, there are numerous instances in which women enter this equation without being aware that their guy already has a partner in his life.

These ladies frequently find themselves in circumstances that may be both thrilling and condemning at the same time. As a result, we are pleased to present you with six ladies who share their experiences of being the other woman.

Always mistakenly anticipated him to leave his wife for me. After all, we spent more time together than he did with his wife. I quickly realized that unfaithful guys never leave their wives.”

I never assumed the person I was seeing was married. I never heard a clue! A woman in her late 30s came me in my office and asked me to never talk to her husband again. I felt humiliated and found it harder to trust people.”

“He broke promises and disrespected me. He only came to me when he was free, therefore I was constantly lonely. I believed my love would improve him. That was until I learned he was married and I became ‘the other woman’. The disdain is unforgettable.”

“That’s inevitable. Loved him and didn't want to lose him. We kept seeing each other after he got married, only to realize that his love was waning and his mind was getting weirder, pining for him. I progressively destroyed myself.”

“We always had sex together. We seldom went out or for coffee. Unfortunately, he slept with me to satisfy his demands his wife couldn't meet. I was addicted to it until I realized I had to stop.”

“I was ultimately responsible for the affair. All blame the other lady for wrecking the marriage. When our affair was out, my partner's wife blamed me for everything. He heard nothing from her. I lost trust in everything, and I know it was my fault.”

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