The telltale signs that a man is using you and using you for his own benefit

Preventing heartbreak is everyone's goal. Being in a relationship when one partner is dishonest may be really hurtful. As a couple, we might be blind to the signs that our spouse is taking advantage of us.

However, if your guy suddenly starts acting differently, it might be a sign that he isn't committed to you and is only interested in you as a means to an end (money, a pass). Here are a few telltale symptoms that your boyfriend is taking advantage of you.

You should be suspicious if your partner is close to his family and hasn't mentioned meeting them. Worse, he may not want you to meet his buddies! If your connection is healthy, you can meet anybody close to him. This may indicate that he is embarrassed by you or not interested in you.

He will avoid discussing your future or romantic commitment. He may even avoid defining the relationship because he wants to keep it casual. He must express his commitment to you and the relationship beyond his affectionate behaviors.

If your spouse often asks for favors, he may not be sincere. Helping your spouse is fine, but not receiving aid is not. Relationships are usually give-and-take, but if he simply uses you for favors and never helps you, you should break up.

Sometimes he disappears on you regularly. He doesn't answer his calls or respond to texts because he doesn't value you. He may also cancel last-minute dates and claim an emergency when he's actually doing something else.

If your friends think he's not right for you, trust them. They know best. They will alert you that he is exploiting you and has bad motives. Family members speak from experience, so if they warn you, consider their worries.

This sign is well-known. Your boyfriend may text or phone when he wants something, not when he loves you. He should desire you for more than what you provide. This clearly indicates that he's exploiting you to survive.

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