The skill of telling someone "no" without causing them to feel upset or inconvenienced in any way

When someone you don't like constantly asking you out on dates or to be their partner, it may be a really difficult position to deal with.

At some point in our lives, we've all been here. A big, huge NO is perfectly OK, but you shouldn't feel obligated to go on a date with the individual simply because you're weak at saying it.

Here are some useful ways to assist you say "no" to someone without hurting their feelings. I hope this information is beneficial to you.

Telling someone their dress sense doesn't match is awful. Tell the person you're not interested in them and a relationship won't work. Maybe you shouldn't always explain your thoughts.

No one will be offended by this wonderful justification! You tell the person that you're too busy at work to invest emotionally.

You can be stern while informing them you're not interested. Try talking to them to soften the blow. Tell them a hilarious story about yourself or praise them for being your buddy.

If the individual is someone you know, avoid them for a few days. Avoid eye contact and being alone with them to avoid awkwardness. Take a break and always get out with friends. If it gets too much, follow the first point.

This works well to subtly say no. Speaking positively and charmingly about your crushes or someone you like around your admirer may give them the appropriate impression. You may discover you're in love with someone else.

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