The historic old boat that became a California social media celebrity is dying.

California  – The "Inverness Shipwreck" in California, a dilapidated wooden vessel that gained fame on Instagram while decaying on a beach north of San Francisco, seems to be nearing the end of its days.

According to news outlets in San Francisco Bay, the abandoned ship Point Reyes has been further damaged by recent storms, adding to the damage it had previously sustained from the excessive number of tourists visiting the shore of Marin County.

An official statement from Point Reyes National Seashore was sent to the SFGATE news site by the National Park Service, acknowledging that the vessel sustained more damage due to the recent storms and tides. "The National Park Service is considering ways to safely remove this landmark, although we understand that it is a popular destination in the area.

Built in the 1940s, the vessel served as a fishing and transportation vessel until it became aground near the town of Inverness on a stretch of the Tomales Bay shoreline that is included in the Point Reyes National Seashore. It was abandoned many years ago.

It quickly gained popularity among tourists and social media users alike. The Point Reyes has been featured in over 5,500 Instagram photographs, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Almost gone is the sight that attracted so many photographers

The Chronicle spoke with Jim Fox, who is in charge of the volunteer fire department in the area, and he expressed his concern that the boat poses a threat.

He warned that the situation is now far more perilous than in the past. "Someone is going to get hurt, and as the fire chief, I would prefer that people stay indoors."

Watch this space for further developments.