The five couples who have a combined family discuss how they manage to find time for sexual activity.

Having to deal with the difficult circumstance of being unable to have their own private time is something that every couple who lives in a joint household can relate to.

Finding time for sex and intimacy in mixed families is challenging because the pair is usually surrounded by everyone. Getting intimate between the covers can be difficult for a newly married couple due to space constraints.

But there is always a way to accomplish what you set out to do. As a result, here are five couples who have chosen to remain anonymous and discuss how they manage to find time for sexual activity inside their joint family.

“It may be the worst place to have sex, but my wife and I can't help it. Our home has three rooms, and my sister, wife, and I sleep in one. However, if my wife walks down the hall to the study room (packed with books and old newspapers), I sneak in at night to get personal with her. We can only have sex this way.”

My wife, brother, and I are from a tiny hamlet, so we rented a small room in a big city while my younger brother goes to college and I work in sales. Having sex with my wife is hard with my brother around. My brother and I seldom get alone time unless I urge him to go grocery shopping or meet friends. I treasure quiet times with her.”

As a housewife, I perform my in-laws' tasks, so I hardly have time for myself. My hubby goes to work early and returns around 7 or 8. After a long day, I don't have the energy or mood to work at night. My husband and I used tantric or yogic sex tips, which need just desire and little energy. Since then, we get it on at night even when we're exhausted!"

“Having sex in a joint family is awkward. My husband and I love sex, but the groans and noises are too much to handle. Being silent while you're feeling well is hard! We considered buying a little music speaker. We play tunes to mask our groans and noises during sex. The speaker has been great for us!”

“My wife and I rarely have time to be intimate in our family home. Parents, brother, and two sisters around us always. My wife and I agreed to save a modest sum of our monthly earnings for a small trip. We reserve a great hotel room and have all the romantic time we desire. We both love it despite its smallness!"

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