Six different women talk about the things that helped them pick themselves up and go on after a breakup.

We all know breakups are hard. To forget their ex and the relationship faster, individuals burn photographs, toss out their ex's clothing, and begin online dating.

Few move on quickly, while some do well. Everything depends on the person. Interestingly, most don't realize that even simple lifestyle changes can help. So here are 6 ladies who discuss what moved them.

I've always liked One Direction, especially Harry Styles. However, my lover hated him and I never knew why. I hung a half-wall poster in my room after we split up. Without knowing how, I progressively got over my ex since it looked so great. Harry Styles deserves recognition!"

I read books and wrote poetry. I never had the patience to read a book, let alone poetry. Whenever such words relaxed me, I found it soothing. Book after book calmed me, and I realized I was going on."

Shopping has always been therapeutic for me, inspired by ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic.’ Actually, I adored how buying a new purse or shoe after my split made me feel calm and relaxed. Well, shopping helped me greatly.”

“After a breakup, people say they become more reserved and quiet, unable to be happy and energetic. I did the opposite. I met new individuals at parties, book clubs, and gyms. I felt more secure knowing nothing held me back. I felt invincible after meeting new people and feeling good.”

Piercings and tattoos may give you new significance if you think about them. My ex didn't like tattoos or ear piercings, which I wanted. Guess what? After my breakup, I got three piercings and a lovely wrist tattoo. I felt free. Always pursue your goals!”

“After my breakup, I took photos of everything I liked. It might be my neighbor's cat or the roadside cafe's cactus. Everything. I adopted this habit and wanted to grow better at it since it made me happy, strangely, especially after splitting up with my ex.

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