Reasons why abdominal fat is harmful and how to control it. (Part-2)

Ways to Control Abdominal Fat:

Eat whole foods including fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Cut back on processed foods, fizzy drinks, and harmful fats.

Regularly exercise, including strength training and aerobics (brisk walking, jogging, cycling). Exercise burns calories, builds muscle, and boosts metabolism.

Watch portion proportions to avoid overeating. Follow hunger and fullness cues and eat smaller, more frequent meals.

Chronic stress can cause abdominal fat. Meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and other relaxation activities reduce stress.

Sleep deprivation increases weight and belly fat. Support your health with 7-9 hours of healthy sleep per night.

Drink water all day. The body may confuse thirst with hunger, consuming extra calories.

Remember that spot reduction (fat loss in one place) rarely works. Instead, a nutritious diet, frequent exercise, and lifestyle changes are essential for managing belly fat and improving health. Always get specialized health advice from doctors or nutritionists.

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