Ramaswamy said Trump is ‘wounded’ and his movement needs a new leader.

Ramaswamy praises Trump while criticizing him, courting his voters by implying outside forces are too strongly against the former president.

On Wednesday, Vivek Ramaswamy repeatedly called former President Donald Trump “wounded” and said he was the finest candidate to lead the MAGA movement in a final attempt to woo Republican supporters still supporting Trump.

In a joint interview with NBC News and The Des Moines Register, Ramaswamy praised Trump and his policies while suggesting he could push them further or implement them better. 

He also said that Trump can't win the election because of forces against him, leaving Ramaswamy as the best choice for Trump fans.

When asked why he would do better than Trump against the same “system,” Ramaswamy answered, “They don’t have on me what they have on him.” “Just look now. 

He said they've conducted four wars on Trump, including his indictments and 14th Amendment challenges to his ballot access in some states.

After promising to skip primary races in Maine and Colorado, Ramaswamy believes he has “tried my best and gone to the fullest extent I can” to back Trump in his ballot access struggle.

“I have deep concerns as an American that this system is going to take him out of contention,” he added. “If we open our eyes to reality, I think that there is an unstoppable force attempting to move what they view as an unmovable object.”

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