Prepare for and mitigate weather-related disasters

Improve early warning systems to help communities prepare for and evacuate weather-related calamities.

Community education initiatives can enhance knowledge of weather-related disaster hazards and teach people evacuation routes, emergency shelters, and readiness.

Build weather-resistant infrastructure. This includes wind-resistant buildings, elevated roads to reduce flooding, and other precautions.

Create and implement weather-vulnerability land-use planning regulations. Avoid construction in flood-prone, landslide-prone, or storm-surge zones.

Forests and wetlands absorb excess water, prevent soil erosion, and reduce flood damage, therefore maintain and support them.

Encourage families to pack emergency kits with food, water, first aid, and crucial documents.

Prepare and publicize evacuation strategies for vulnerable communities. Make sure evacuation routes are well-marked and emergency transportation is available.

Share weather data, technology, and knowledge internationally to improve weather-related disaster preparedness and response.

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