(Part-2) The Bears' Justin Fields isn't the solution, according to Colin Cowherd.

Keep in mind that Fields is utilizing Year 3 with a number of enhancements. With DJ Moore at wide receiver, Darnell Wright on offense, a powerful running game, and more playing time in Luke Getsy's scheme, which Fields and company have acknowledged as making playing more comfortable, he has a lot to be proud of.

Are the Bears satisfied with Fields' development as a quarterback over the past three years and with his potential for future success? He isn't a cowherd. In his opinion, the 2024 NFL draft holds a far superior one.

I find it to be rather simple. The better product, the more accurate passer, is Caleb [Williams], whom I get," Cowherd added. Additionally, I am able to reset the clock (contract clock)... In exchange for a second-round selection, I'll trade Fields to Atlanta, or even Washington.

I agree. Any number of quarterbacks might be considered for the Bears' starting lineup instead of Fields.

 At the 2024 NFL draft, they will hold the first overall choice, regardless of whether the player is Williams, Drake Maye, Jaden McDaniel, Michael Penix Jr., etc.

Reports indicate that Fields does have a market. Fields' market value is probably somewhere around a second- or third-round draft selection, according to ESPN's Jeremy Fowler. Even though the Bears got more from the Panthers in March of last year for the No. 1 selection in 2023, the price for the pick might end up being higher.

When it comes to trade deals, though, you want the quarterback on your side. Well, that's Williams to Cowherd.

But I think this quarterback class ... I've got five guys going in the top 12," stated Cowherd. You are free to hand over all of those players and draft selections to me. A quarterback who can inspire my team is what I need. Also, Caleb Williams is the epitome of a great quarterback, in my opinion.

Watch this space for further developments.