(Part-2) The 49ers' Warner and Bosa are expected to play against the Rams unless instructed differently.

"I will train as if I am playing every game, and whatever the coach says, goes," Warner declared.

It is quite unlikely that the 49ers will put their starting linemen through the rigors of a normal game. Still, Shanahan would prefer it if his team didn't cruise through the week.

At this stage, 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa thinks it's best to keep your mind on a regular week. Perhaps the level of physical exertion will be more manageable. The most important thing is to have that attitude, regardless of how much playing time you could receive on Sunday.

One team, the 49ers, and one team, the Baltimore Ravens, were each given a bye to the first round of the playoffs.

The top two seeds in each division have begun their postseason adventures on Saturdays under this identical schedule in the last two seasons. The 49ers would face their first playoff opponent on Saturday, January 20, if the current trend continues.

A first-round bye in the playoffs is plenty of an incentive, according to Warner. He expressed his dissatisfaction with the idea of maybe receiving more rest if he were to close a week early.

Warner expressed his belief that two bye weeks were unnecessary. The fact that we were able to get a bye week is crucial, in my opinion. That is fantastic.

We want to make the most of that opportunity next week. However, at this point in time, playing 17 games was always the plan, therefore we will play the remaining game.

Watch this space for further developments.