(Part-2) Looney kindly reminds the Warriors and NBA of their upcoming game against Magic

The Magic have among of the tallest centers and power forwards in the NBA, with five players in the rotation reaching 6-foot-10 or more. Five feet and ten inches tall Paulo Banchero's second-half rebound total was down from eight in the first. Although he didn't have a rebound in the second half, 6-foot-11 Moritz Wagner had five in the first.

With Looney on the court, the Golden State Warriors were able to catch the rebounding bug and use it to their advantage in the second half. The Warriors were up 97–95 when he came in with 6:21 seconds left. With 33.5 seconds to go, they held a 116-108 advantage when he left.

In a recent interview, Stephen Curry, a star for the Warriors, admitted that the team's lack of physicality was a weakness. This was in reference to Orlando's impressive play. "Trying not to commit fouls and not giving up offensive rebounds, and everything like that."

Looney got the nod to start in 11 of the season's first 12 games and 28 of the first 31 overall. Even though he seldom played before two weeks ago, Jackson-Davis has started the past two games. Looney has played more minutes than Sarić, who has played only seven less.

Under under examination all season, the big-man rotation has become just one of several experiments that are continuing and will continue for some time, especially now that Jackson-Davis has a shot at starting.

According to Curry, the team's various rotations have not yielded consistent results, so they will continue to experiment. "That has been our situation for the entire year."

Because of their contrasting strengths, the three big men are perfect teammates.

 All three are necessary for the current Warriors lineup to perform to its maximum potential.

Watch this space for further developments.