(Part-2)  Knicks' minute allocation after dealing RJ Barrett and Immanuel Quickley

This despite the new attempt to stagger Brunson and Randle by having one on the court at all times. Each has played a half on the bench in the prior two games while starting.

Although the Knicks have talented players, they're more play-connectors or finishers than creators.

 New York's offensive strategy is more freestyle than structural, so the Knicks rely on Brunson and Randle to tear down defenses, move the ball, and create open looks. Before hiring more staff, there are various options.

Anunoby must be introduced into the attack first. Anunoby, who arrived days ago and has been lingering in the corners and sporadically cutting, is unfamiliar with Knicks setups and structured freelancing motion.

With flexibility and system knowledge, he can score 17 points every game, so expect him to contribute more. On bench units, Anunoby should receive significant opportunity to expand his offensive wings.

Donte DiVincenzo is the most offensively exciting of their remaining role players and should play more with their scoring-challenged reserves. Returning Flynn from injury may help, and the Knicks need Grimes to look at the rim like Jordan Poole.

That lingering guard deal may not be enough, but the Knicks should have enough choices to enhance in a month. Malcolm Brogdon could glue this rotation and rest the stars.

Brunson and Randle have been phenomenal for the Knicks, on course to become the first duo to average 20 in consecutive seasons since Walt Frazier and Willis Reed. As important as they are, they're only human, and playing 40 minutes a night for a long time will hurt their postseason chances. New York needs solutions quickly.

Watch this space for further developments.