(Part-1) The Bears' Justin Fields isn't the solution, according to Colin Cowherd.

More people have hopped on the Justin Fields train after the Bears' triumph against the Atlanta Falcons in a snowstorm at Soldier Field (and I'll confess, even before then).

He has the support of his colleagues, coaches, fans, and an abundance of media outlets. The third-year quarterback for the Bears has impressed many, but not all major NFL analysts.

On his show, The Herd, Colin Cowherd revealed the unpleasant reality about Justin Fields—Zach Wilson is the only quarterback in the past three seasons who is undeniably a poorer passer.

"The highlights are something you're familiar with and like. Makes mistakes, loses games. When it came to Fields' unsavory facts and stats, Cowherd made a good case.

Fields has a 10-27 record as a starter throughout his career and has missed 11 starts due to injury, which according to Cowherd is too many. His 60.2% career completion rate is little above 60%.

An average of 167 throwing yards are his stats. Throughout his career, Fields has thrown for 40 touchdowns and 30 interceptions. His passer rating for his career is 82.0. 

Fields' statistics have improved this season, and that should be recorded. He has completed almost 2,400 yards of passing in 12 games, averaging 201 yards per game. His passing stats include 16 touchdowns and 9 interceptions. In addition, he has four touchdowns and 630 yards on the ground.

However, Cowherd raises an interesting question about his statistics. In terms of technique, they're an improvement over his previous two seasons. However, only little. See his passer rating for yourself.

From 73.2 in his rookie year to 85.2 in his sophomore year and 85.8 in his last season, Fields' ratings have steadily increased. In the same way, QBR is included. In his first year, he managed 26.4, in his second year, 56.3, and this season, 46.3.

Watch this space for further developments.