(Part-1) Stock market today: Wall Street cuts losses to end its worst week in 10:

New York — Wall Street ended its worst week since Halloween with a listless Friday as statistics revealed workers are earning greater raises, but important economic sectors aren't boiling.

The S&P 500 climbed 8.56 points, or 0.2%, to 4,697.24 after fluctuating all day. It ended the index's first down week in 10 after it surged into 2024 on predictions that inflation and the economy will cool enough for the Federal Reserve to lower interest rates considerably.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 25.77, or 0.1%, to 37.466.11, approaching its weekly high. The Nasdaq composite rose 13.77, or 0.1%, to 14,524.07.

Economic news shifted bond market Treasury rates dramatically. They originally rose after the latest monthly employment data showed U.S. firms surprisingly hired more last month. Analysts predicted a drop in worker hourly compensation, but it grew.

Wall Street worries the good statistics might convince the Fed to keep inflation rising. That might mean the Fed keeps rates high longer than planned. High interest rates harm financial markets and stock values.

Traders temporarily delayed Fed rate drop estimates after the employment report. However, a report later in the morning indicated that banking, real estate, and other U.S. services sectors declined more than experts predicted last month.

After that data, traders bet again on the Fed reducing rates in March. CME Group statistics shows a nearly two-in-three possibility, unchanged from a day earlier.

The results may support Wall Street's aspirations for a perfect economic landing, where high interest rates curb inflation without causing a recession.

Watch this space for further developments.