(Part-1) Michigan Republicans vote to dismiss election denier chair Karamo, who vows to reject results.

 Township After several party officials called for her resignation after a year of debt and infighting, Michigan Republicans decided to oust election denier and state GOP Chairwoman Kristina Karamo on Saturday.

Almost 89% of voters ousted Karamo, claimed District 2 State Committeewoman Bree Moeggenberg. The conference had 45 attendees, excluding proxies.

Karamo did not attend the meeting and has stated she would not accept the vote if withdrawn, arguing it was held unlawfully. The issue might lead to a legal battle over the Michigan GOP's top post.

“She’s been voted out by the state committee,” state committee member Bethany Wheeler told reporters. If this were a company, that's the board. Essentially, they sacked the CEO. She can fight. She was dismissed by the state committee, and they now rule.”

Wheeler said current co-chair Malinda Pego will function as chair until another election. The internal debate occurs as Michigan Republicans try to recover from catastrophic election losses in 2022. This year, the party hopes to flip a Senate seat and help the Republican nominee win the battleground state.

Infighting and money concerns have plagued far-right groups in Michigan and other swing states. Georgia and Arizona are key states in the 2024 presidential election, and similar issues have arisen.

Post-2020 election conspiracies propelled Karamo, a former community college teacher, into Michigan's Republican leadership. In 2022, former President Donald Trump endorsed her for secretary of state, but she lost by 14 percentage points and refuses to accept.

State Committeewoman Darlene Doetzel supported Karamo and was appalled by Saturday's vote. “All they want to do is fight and cause chaos,” Doetzel told reporters. The Republican Party was improving under Chairwoman Karamo. She wanted to communicate with all Michiganders, regardless of politics.

Watch this space for further developments.