NFL Week 18 Saturday: Colts vs. Texans score, highlights, news, inactives, live updates

There are still three clubs standing in the running for the AFC South championship. 

 On Saturday night, when the Indianapolis Colts are playing home to the Houston Texans, two of them will be competing.

The AFC South championship is not a given for the victorious team. The Jacksonville Jaguars are now in command of their division, and if they were to defeat the Tennessee Titans on Sunday, they would be able to claim the championship. 

However, the winner of Saturday's game will secure a berth in the playoffs, and then they will have to pray that the Jaguars lose on Sunday in order to win the division.

Week 2's opening game was played in Houston, and the Colts emerged victorious. 

As soon as Gardner Minshew completed providing injury relief, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson took the field and started the game.

Due to the fact that Minshew has been leading the Colts to postseason contention ever since he took over for an injured Richardson in Week 6, this game served as a preview of the majority of the football season.

C.J. Stroud, on the other hand, has the Texans on the verge of making the playoffs as a result of his incredible rookie year as the heavy favorite to earn Rookie of the Year.

Watch this space for further developments.