Listed below are six characteristics that are not related to sexuality that women find attractive.

Don't we adore drooling over gorgeous people? Women agree that some men's traits turn them on. Sexual traits in men—sex, lovemaking, whatever—turn them on.

Interestingly, many non-sexual features turn them on. These might be personality qualities or interests that captivate women. Here are some non-sexual traits that turn women on.

One of the main things that turns women on. A lady may immediately like a man who wears a decent perfume or aftershave on a date. Good fragrances evoke numerous emotions. Unfortunately, a foul scent may ruin the mood.

Confident men provide enthusiasm to their jobs and lives. Confidence helps attract ladies. Women respect guys who are secure in their decisions and share their ideas without hesitation.

The feelings a lady has when a man cooks for her! Women enjoy it when guys cook for them, whether it's a fancy meal or noodle soup. If the individual is her partner, they usually can't wait for the dinner to complete to get hot in bed.

Women respect males with strong dress sense. Someone wearing a shoddy shirt or a last-minute attire on a date is an obvious turn-off. However, a well-dressed suit or shirt for a dinner date shows that the person took time to look well.

Women fall for men who study books or play guitar. Most women expect their partner to have interests. Their enthusiasm is obvious in their eyes, which attracts women.

Women dislike direct-speaking males. Women prefer men who passionately talk about what they love because there's no excuse to be boring. Women enjoy his compassionate approach to life, whether it's his ambition, family, or career.

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