It is a common misconception among males that certain things are attractive to women.

Every individual has their own preferences when it comes to the way they feel about being attracted to another person. Although some people place a greater emphasis on the physical features, others rely on more profound connections.

In any case, both men and women attempt to make an impression on the other sex by applying some of these characteristics and attributes to themselves in order to make them look more appealing. But there are situations when you might make an incorrect estimation, and everything can be thrown into disarray.

In particular, if you are a man and you believe that women find the things that are listed below appealing, you are completely mistaken.

Attracting women requires beauty and fitness. You can score a date without looking like a six-times-a-week gym-goer. You don't have to appear like your mental image to attract ladies. Body confidence should suffice. This doesn't condone poor eating. Health, fitness, and diet are for you, not a lady.

Men now believe women like bad dudes! Totally incorrect. The woman you're attempting to impress may quickly lose interest in you if you're harsh or disrespectful. Don't pretend to be polite for sex either. Don't people-please women. Being courteous, humble, and respectful to the woman will get you noticed.

Definitely no! Begging—when men try to insult a woman—is unappealing. Don't intentionally disrespect ladies. Understand that women want lively energy. The ability to banter is appealing. But attacking a woman and calling it banter is inappropriate and ugly.

The majority of ladies don't care about your salary. If you're insecure, using your wealth to attract women won't work. You'll attract a woman who only wants your money. Make good money but be self-sufficient. Don't think money can attract women.

Men wrongly find these two features appealing. Arrogant men don't care what others think. A confident man will consider the other person's comments but won't change his behavior for acceptance. A braggart boasts about his achievements. A confident man will talk about his passions because he loves them. People, not just women, can sense confidence. Stop being boastful and arrogant and start being confident to attract women.

Watch this space for further developments.