Indicators that indicate you are in a relationship with a spouse that is physically and emotionally stable

What does it mean to be a "rock-solid" partner? Have you already had such experience? A person who not only has a positive outlook on oneself, but also on other people and the world in general are considered to be healthy.

Someone who appears to be psychologically and physically stable across all of their relationships and stages of life.

Alternatively, it is possible that you are the one who is the emotional anchor that your partnership is built around. The following are some indications that your mate is emotionally secure.

An emotionally secure individual won't argue about oneself. When you need comfort and gentleness to recover, they don't disappoint. They know they and others aren't flawless. They accept themselves and others. They're nice to everyone, including themselves.

Emotionally secure folks may calm themselves when they're nervous or upset. They accept grief, rage, love, and enthusiasm because they realize they're healthy. They recognize and express difficult feelings, but they move on when the time is appropriate.

An emotionally confident individual fights fairly. They won't ignore others or storm out in argument and harbor a grudge. They can't always resolve disagreements right away, but they'll do so for themselves and the other person.

Partners that are emotionally stable are not self-centered. They realise they don't always have the last say. You may let the other person be correct. They recognize that everyone sees the world through different lenses and that people are different. They're great listeners and grasp others' perspectives.

Emotionally stable people share their strength and stability. Their patience and support are great. They won't let a spouse control their emotions. Instead of leaving if your problems grow too overwhelming, they'll chat to you.

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