Here are seven awkward situations that are something that any new relationship will inevitably bring forth.

Starting a new relationship is exhilarating. All the ‘firsts’—holding hands, embracing, traveling, etc.—inspire enthusiasm and delight. The “honeymoon” stage of a new relationship is inevitable, but embarrassing moments will arise. Here are 7 awkward circumstances in every new relationship.

When you first meet someone, you know nothing about them. It's simple to disparage their passions—football, art, street performances. Unfortunately, you cannot escape this circumstance.

Sex with someone for the first time is awkward. You don't know his tastes. He doesn't know your tastes. With bewilderment comes first-time pressure. Confusion, pressure, and insecurity make it awkward rather than excellent.

Meeting the parents of your partner is embarrassing, but what's worse? Your every move is watched and judged. A fresh relationship will enter a more serious phase, and this is awkward.

You can avoid it, but it will happen. Imagining a guy you like with anybody else is painful. It may drive you crazy, but the talk is vital. However, knowing someone's background is necessary for a connection.

Dating someone fresh usually has that awkward moment when you realize you didn't know anything vital. It may be his birthday or her peanut allergy. Whatever the case, it will be a significant reminder that no matter how close you are, you don't know everything about one other.

Not every new relationship makes it over this hurdle. You can tell a lot about the health of your relationship from the first major argument. This initial altercation is actually rather uncomfortable.

This is the topic that no one wants to have because it is so uncomfortable. The first problem is broaching the topic. Typically, the person seeking an exclusive relationship is the one who initiates the conversation. Finding out where you stand is the second major problem.

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