Here are five unconventional attitudes on sexual activity that are quite prevalent in today's society.

Life has been turned upside down by the coronavirus. We no longer do things the way we used to. A lot of people are also dealing with terrible stresses in their relationships and sex lives.

Our feelings are scattered. Here are some typical yet unexpected feelings you can be experiencing in relation to sexuality.

You may be experiencing a greater level of horniness than you did in the past now that you are constantly confronted with boredom and remoteness from other people.

When you are at home, you have the freedom to have sexual encounters with your lover whenever you want. Whenever you are separated from them, masturbation becomes the next common thread that you cling to emotionally.

Can sex bore you? Yes, sure. In contrast to the first point, the lockdown has made it hard for some couples to relax. Instead of getting sexy with your spouse, you'll go through your phone.

Why your sex life isn't blossoming like others may worry you. Thinking or worrying is normal. Changing circumstances and busy job schedules make sex tough. Again, envying healthy sex lives is acceptable. You should make time to woo each other in bed.

Many partners view quarantine as a rare opportunity. Working from home allows unique closeness. You may be close and have sex often. When the moment and place require it, a higher sex desire is fine.

Chilling in our pajamas, eating chips, and watching movies may not be the best way to pamper ourselves. You may feel ugly when having sex, but it's just temporary. Your soft robe may be your best buddy because you don't feel like dressing up for your lover. This is due to the dismal epidemic mood.

Watch this space for further developments.