Here are five signs that you are participating in a friendship that is unhealthy and biased against you.

Mutual support, compassion, and understanding are the foundations upon which strong friendships are built. When it comes to relationships of any kind, including friendships, communication is an absolutely necessary component.

However, there will be pals that aren't as enthusiastic or supportive as they should be once in a while. When you need their support and assistance, they will find excuses, even if they came to you for aid.

You should stay far away from friends like this since they are completely biased. Consequently, I've compiled a list of telltale indicators that your friendship is biased.

Most talks are about them solely. They like discussions about their needs and interests. However, they may listen to your difficulties and challenges before turning the discussion to them. These buddies care least about you.

They always call for aid without hesitation. They won't answer your calls or return your messages when you need help. They'll always have justifications for such a predicament. They will also cancel last-minute arrangements if they need your support.

They want to keep things simple rather than express their sentiments or opinions. If they don't disclose much about themselves and turn the talk to you, they probably don't want you to intervene. Friends will only present themselves superficially.

Relationships and friendships demand equal understanding and support. However, your friend's inconsideration may injure you occasionally. You may feel offended because they may not put as much effort into the friendship as you do. Thus, an honest discussion will work.

Such pals expect you to aid them in a pinch, yet they never show up. Their questionable disregard for your expectations precludes a good friendship. They tend to value what you can accomplish for them, not what you desire. Thus, you gradually cease expecting anything from these pals, which is bad.

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