Healthy Weight-Management Cooking

Grilling:� This healthy cooking method adds flavor without adding fats. It drips fat, making it weight-management friendly.

Baking is a versatile procedure that uses dry heat in the oven. It reduces fat, making it a healthier cooking method.

Cooking using steam preserves nutrients and requires minimal or no extra fats. It cooks vegetables, fish, and poultry well.

Poaching includes the slow boiling of food in liquid. This low-calorie cooking method works for eggs, fish, and lean meats.

To sauté, use a small amount of oil or cooking spray. This simple and tasty approach works for veggies, lean proteins, and healthful grains.

Roasting veggies and lean meats in the oven caramelizes their natural sugars, adding flavor without extra fat.

Broiling: High heat from above allows fats to drop out. This rapid procedure works for lean meat, poultry, and fish.

Stir-frying entails swiftly heating small, sliced foods in a hot skillet with minimum oil. It works with many vegetables and lean proteins.

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