Find out about the best creams for dry, flaky skin in the winter.

In winter, pick skincare products that hydrate and treat dry, flaky skin. Popular and well-reviewed dry, flaky skin creams:

The CeraVe moisturizing cream Hydrates and repairs the skin's barrier with ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin. Suitable for face and body.

Advanced Eucerin Repair Cream: Deeply moisturizes and repairs dry, flaky skin. Contains ceramides, natural moisturizing ingredients, and urea.

Healing Aquaphor Ointment: A multipurpose ointment for dry, cracked skin on numerous body regions. Protects against moisture loss.

Hydro-Boost Water Gel: Gel-based composition hydrates deeply without weight. Contains hyaluronic acid to moisturize skin.

Cetaphil Moisturizer: Long-lasting moisture for dry, sensitive skin. Formulated with sweet almond oil and emollients to nourish skin.

Intense Hydration Night Cream: Clear sage infusion retains skin hydrated. Hydrates overnight and reduces small wrinkles.

For dry, flaky skin, consider products that moisturize and restore the skin barrier. Add gentle cleansers and exfoliants to your skincare routine and patch-test new products to be sure they work for your skin. Contact a dermatologist for specialized advice and treatment if dryness persists or worsens.

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