Electional Astrology: Choosing Auspicious Times

Purpose of Electional Astrology: Electional astrology involves selecting favorable astrological times for initiating important events or activities, aiming to maximize positive outcomes and minimize potential challenges.

Astrological Factors Considered: Practitioners of electional astrology consider various factors, including the positions of the Moon, planets, and their aspects at the chosen time. Benefic planets (Jupiter and Venus) are often emphasized.

Moon Phases: The phases of the Moon are crucial in electional astrology. New Moons are generally considered suitable for new beginnings, while Full Moons may be chosen for culminations or completions.

Void of Course Moon: Avoiding a "void of course" Moon, a period when the Moon makes no major aspects before changing signs, is often preferred to ensure the energy is directed toward the desired outcome.

Planetary Hours and Days: Electional astrology also considers planetary hours and days, aligning activities with the energy of a specific planet associated with the desired outcome.

Avoiding Malefic Planetary Influences: Malefic planets, such as Saturn and Mars, are carefully considered to minimize potential challenges or obstacles in the chosen timeframe.

Astrocartography: Some electional astrologers incorporate astrocartography, a technique that analyzes the planetary influences at specific geographical locations, to enhance the chosen time.

Personal Natal Chart: The individual's natal chart is sometimes consulted to align the electional chart with the individual's own astrological signatures for success and well-being.

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