Common Indoor Plant Issues and Solutions

Overwatering could cause yellow leaves, withering, and root rot. Correct: Water less often and let the soil dry up. Provide good drainage using planting mix.

Underwatering: Issue: Wilting, crunchy leaves. Correct: Water more often and keep the soil moist. Consider the plant's water needs.

Sloppy Lighting: Foliage loss, leggy growth, or pale leaves. Position plants in their species-appropriate light. Insufficient natural light? Add artificial light.

Negative humidity can cause brown leaf tips, curled leaves, or leaf drop. Repair: Mist the plant, place a tray of water nearby, or use a humidifier. Creating a humid atmosphere by grouping plants.

Pests: Disfigured leaves, insects, or sticky residue. Use insecticidal soap or neem oil, segregate infected plants, and inspect routinely for early discovery.

Diseases: Unusual growth, spots, or wilting. Remove afflicted plant portions, enhance airflow, and minimize overwatering. If it persists, try fungicides.

Low Nutrients: Leaf discolouration, yellowing, or poor development. Repair: Fertilize the plant as indicated with a balanced, water-soluble fertilizer. Customize fertilizer to plant needs.

Plant roots: Stunted growth, drainage hole roots. Fixed: Gently loosen the roots and repot the plant. Circled roots should be cut for optimal growth.

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