Chris Paul out indefinitely with fractured hand requiring surgery

Warriors sixth man Chris Paul will be sidelined indefinitely after breaking his left hand. Paul has been an important cog in the wheel for the Warriors, helping to elevate the bench units and relieving some of Stephen Curry's shot-creation burden.

While attempting to grab an offensive rebound in Friday's Warriors victory over the Pistons, Paul collided with Jaden Ivey, causing him to sustain an injury.

After Paul left the game and returned to the locker room, the club announced that he would require surgery after the game. The Warriors did not specify when he may be back.

The average number of games missed by CP3 was around 17.5, according to Jeff Stotts of InStreetClotes, who also mentioned that the length of time off will depend on which metacarpal bone in the player's hand was fractured. But after breaking his metacarpal, Stephen Curry sat out 58 games.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr commented after the game, "Yeah, it's tough," according to Ali Thanawalla of NBC Sports Bay Area. "Chris, I feel terrible for you. I think he's had a few surgery on his hands before. Perhaps; in my opinion, it was the other side.

The sight of him holding it sent shivers down my spine; I waited until I got up from the floor before I received the word. I empathize with Chris, and I know that the rest of the team will be prepared to play in his absence. According to Stotts, CP3 has undergone surgery on his left thumb in addition to ailments to both hands.

Paul has been an asset for the club this season, averaging 8.9 points and 7.2 assists per game. His presence on the floor has resulted in a +8.9 point differential per 100 possessions.

Kerr stated that this will result in more playing time for Moses Moody, who has allegedly been unhappy with his erratic playing time and lack of rotational stability. 

Watch this space for further developments.