Butterfly-Appealing Plants

Butterfly bushes are renowned for attracting butterflies with their fragrant, cone-shaped flowers that provide nectar.

Milkweed is essential for the lifecycle of monarch butterflies, serving as a host plant for their larvae and providing nectar for adult butterflies.

Lantana's vibrant clusters of flowers are rich in nectar, attracting a variety of butterflies to the garden.

Zinnias come in various colors and sizes, offering a visual feast for butterflies while providing nectar for their nourishment.

Verbena produces small, densely packed flowers that are a favorite of butterflies, particularly when planted in sunny locations.

Coneflowers have large, daisy-like blooms that attract butterflies with their abundant nectar, making them a popular choice in butterfly gardens.

The bright and cheerful blooms of Black-Eyed Susans are butterfly magnets, providing both nectar and a landing pad for these winged visitors.

Asters bloom in late summer and fall, offering a crucial nectar source for butterflies preparing for migration.

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