Astrology and Color: Interactions Based on Vibrations

Planetary Colors: Planets in astrology have associated colors; for example, the Sun is linked to gold and Venus to green.

Zodiacal Colors: Each zodiac sign is connected to specific colors; Aries is associated with red, and Pisces with purple.

Chakra Alignment: Astrology aligns with the chakra system, with Aries resonating with the red root chakra.

Aura Reflection: Astrological influences are believed to be reflected in an individual's aura colors.

Color Therapy: Color therapy based on astrological correspondences can help balance planetary energies.

Mood Enhancement: Using specific colors during challenging transits can create a desired mood or atmosphere.

Astrological Talismans: Talismans incorporate colors to attract or amplify planetary energies for positive influence.

Birth Chart Insights: Exploring an individual's birth chart colors provides insights into their energy balance and potential areas for growth.

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