Aspects of the Moon: Feelings and the Inner Self

Aries Moon: Emotionally impulsive, forceful, and passionate. They may need stimulation and express feelings quickly.

Taurus Moon: Taurus Moon people are patient, stable, and emotionally grounded. They like rituals, material security, and sensuality.

Gemini Moon: Communication, intelligence, and emotional adaptability characterize Gemini Moon people. They may love vibrant interactions and emotional variety.

Cancer Moon: Cancer Moon people are perceptive, nurturing, and emotionally linked. They cherish family and home and feel many emotions in solitude.

Leo Moon: Expressive, proud, and recognition-seeking. They may express feelings dramatically and seek admiration.

Virgo Moon: Analytical, practical, and emotional order-seekers. They show caring via service and detail.

Libra Moon: Diplomatic, social, and emotionally harmonious Libra Moon people. They may value beauty and balance in relationships.

Scorpio Moon: Scorpio Moon people are passionate and have deep emotional insights. They may feel intense emotions and seek transformation.

Sagittarius Moon: Adventurers, optimists, and emotional freedom lovers. They explore and learn to grow emotionally.

Capricorn Moon: Responsible, disciplined Capricorn Moon people value emotional achievements. They may express feelings calmly and desire steadiness.

Aquarius Moon: Independent, progressive, and unique in emotional expression. They may rationalize feelings and value intellectual connections.

People with Pisces Moons are sympathetic, imaginative, and sensitive. Creative and spiritual people have deep inner lives, are sensitive, and seek emotional connection.

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