An unhealthy person might be attracted to you in a number of different ways, including the following:

Modern dating can be creative, thrilling, and shady. We settle for someone who makes us feel worthwhile and pleased after meeting numerous individuals. Finding your mate may be hard.

You uncontrollably meet toxic and unhealthy individuals that cause self-esteem difficulties, doubts, and worry. Relationship specialists explain why you attract unhealthy individuals.

Being an introvert won't help you find a hot, popular guy on dating apps. So you pretend to be someone else. Giving up your identity to entice suitors might lead to poisonous situations. You may be trying to fit in with a crowd that's not you, and the weight might be too much.

Creating a fantasy about a person before meeting them might damage you. You're doomed to fail if you fixate on your partner's best attributes, preventing them from being themselves. This causes misunderstandings.

Self-confidence is key before dating. Personality and appearance self-doubts will only lead to insecurities. People may mock and evaluate you in various ways. Think ‘no one will like me’ and you'll fail.

If you have prior emotional baggage, you can't plunge into a new relationship. Emotional insecurity may ruin relationships, mental health, and confidence. Being stuck on an ex or repeating harmful patterns in a relationship is pointless.

Experts recommend getting to know someone before committing to a long-term commitment. You'll never know if someone is emotionally open if you do the latter. When they're not, it's a harmful circumstance where you desire love and the other person isn't ready. Fights and misunderstandings ensue.

You simply need to love yourself. Once you believe in yourself, you don't need others to validate you. You want someone who will make you happy and thrilled, not someone who would emotionally care for you. Choose someone you want to adore, not 'need'

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