Alleged Alabama man stripped and jumped into Bass Pro Shop aquarium. (Part-1)

According to, a guy was taken into custody in the state of Alabama after he allegedly stripped off his clothing and leaped nude into a giant aquarium that was located inside of a store in Leeds.

"The incident occurred shortly before the shop's closing time on Thursday," said Leeds Police Chief Paul Irwin, who spoke to 

According to Irwin, the incident occurred when a 42-year-old man, who was reported to be acting in an erratic manner, crashed his vehicle into a pole in the parking lot of the store, got out of the vehicle, removed his clothes, and ran into the Bass Pro Shop, where he jumped into the aquarium.

According to, witnesses who were present at the moment captured video evidence of the man cannonballing into the aquarium and then standing under the waterfall after the incident.

As two officers from the Leeds Police Department made their way up the stairs in the direction of the individual.

It was alleged that the man yelled at them and then jumped back into the water. said that the man continued to yell at the officers before jumping over the side of the aquarium, where he then dropped and knocked himself out. 

 On the other hand, he become conscious when the officers were putting him in handcuffs and started to struggle.

Watch this space for further developments.