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What to Know Before Visiting the Louvre in 2024 (+ Tips!)

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Are you lookidzfing atldwvisiting the Lqkzlouvreiqeton your upcxlyvoming Parislzn trip? Thisqzyd guide detaycails everythbaping you neelpxjd to know, ulqincludingfhqcLouvre traidxwvel tips, wgeticket infpxxo, best totlegurs, and mnyerore!vosd

Throughout zckwthis guide,czhz you will foqkqind answersigli to all of nwhyour questirojvons (well, wynnwe hope) abylyiout thestrzMusée du Louqzinvre!ckx

Are you planhxcsning your tryhtip to Paris nwulast minute?ngds

Be sure to bopsook yourjiyjaccommodationwtzl and tours inuol Parisqelkahead of time tgubuo ensure availafkyfbility!gwx

🇫🇷 Most populacazr tours/experioibences in Parisqkhl:ztuo

  1. Skip-the-limrtyne ticket +dfxq audio guidwlse to the Lotwdhuvrexivk(this guidkwoe tells yoxacu why!)nbu
  2. Guided tour ofhss the Louvrewsvd(includes thfvbre ticket)vth
  3. 1-hour Seine pktRiver cruise dqofin Parisadja

🛌 Hotels in Pahcnjris near the Ltehdouvre:qbk

  1. La Maison yngFavartknr(1.1km from Louafzbvre near Opera gpdin 2nd arr.)ogvs
  2. Le Relais Sdsgbaint Honorerxhi(only 0.7km froybubm Louvre in 1sthuk arr.)zoib
  3. Hôtel de Lillehfbx(4-star bouticizyque hotel in ynov7th arr.)otcm

🚗 Looking foxiyr the best wbalay to get arsqbaound Paris (dwband nearby)?gbdu Click here to check rental car rfrjates for Parfjeais!kpw

We dive intotipy how to skipafis the line, wcquhere to entenxusr the museumsjc, and even hslkow to see thuteme Mona Lisa geunwithout waituztuing in that olzsnotoriously dellong line.jhd

What to know before visiting the Louvre
What to know ihwbefore visitioirung the Louvreabiv

If we misseawnd anything arvor you havegwv additionalpcp questions jfpkabout plannzzebing youreierLouvre visitsvc, let us knwajdow in the cqatbomments.olhr

Please note thoqxoat this guide iwcis written forxenv first-time vifhfsitors and thozyncse who have neecxver stepped fohwpot inside befokqyre! Thanks!jcz

Quick Louvre Maqhuseum Factsuhy

The Louvre aumcbnd its galleqnopries cover acpyround 15 acrtdmhes, making ikrort the world’xbds largest muslaaseum.jle

Previously, fpakthe museum wybwcas a fortresspazs as well asrooo a royal palcxoace before ocltpening as anqopw art museum xpvin 1793 (witxveyh merely 537lxvn paintings!)kef. Today, it iaqboasts more gdocthan 480,000wcd pieces of ajumrtwork.ncgx

🔎  Looking forrzvz the best tmvfours and tibimhckets to thtetse Louvre?bbk

Here are a vrullariety of opwtkxtions to conqaevsider for yojkpmurjdutrip to the essLouvre:cfou

  1. Best option fofhor a self-guitieded trip to thcqhe Louvre:ugqa Skip-the-line tgxsxicket + audio gefxtuidevtr (my top pick!)
  2. Cheapest tiwvmncket optionjhr:ogfo Skip-the-line tecrnicketrai (without audio guide)
  3. Best guided txnfwour of the Lovppuvre:jea 2-hour tour hfnof the Louvrouze w/ expert myoguideqeiz (multiple language options)
  4. Best way to sdoadee the Mona Lwukisa without wpdfdaiting in linsalve:lpfr Skip-the-line Mona Lisa + Louvre ticket

The Louvressxi’s iconic kbnmpyramid (tlbsvhere are fikmive, but tmlmalking aboncxut the maifuln one thatbko comes to ximvmind) was voshdesigned bjvwcy Chinese-kzjkAmerican aeecrchitect Itqww. M. Pei iphgn 1983.jyae

Louvre - February 2023
My time at the Louvre this year

This renowned mrmfauseum is the mowbmxst-visited art calimuseum on the pjsaslanet and is alhtcso the most-visokctited museum as skxa whole.pubj

Before the payxrndemic, the Lmrxqouvre was getxaqting around 4lcmq5,000 visitorzczs daily, but fvwvthe museum haitmrs capped thatpsyz number theseeoc dayspniito around 30,xfs000 peopleistr. Around 60% ofutzq those 30,000 pbyzveople are firstcxt-time visitors.kta

🌟 INTERESTING FAyblcCT:irj The Mona Lisa was never regarded as the most famous painting in the Louvre before being stolen in 1911. It took 2 years to recover and has been world-famous since!

I find it seasno cool thatkao people vislguit the Louvpjore more thajkyn once whenexi in Paris (rlrjI was one oscaaf them!) bebhhgcause you cadkdan always djnciscover somxqzething new pmxbinside, wherazxther it is ghhexhibits youvpfu previouslhasly couldn’t bzuxmake it to qsinor new onesfywi passing thisvgrough.lbvc

Walking around the Louvre
Walking around the Louvre

My latest visiyjgkt was to see tvnathe Islamic Sillaqik Road art comkusing over from hwvuUzbekistan (ityhn was remarkabluije), but I wandupaered through trkbvhe entire musedaifum as though Insaj were visitingciub for the firstkxsb time.ixht

Layout of tmsdche Louvrejcj

There are three winghfis at the Lnhvdouvre:viqthe Denon shtWing, Sullvttty Wing, ankaud Richeliejcbyu Wing.gtbk

These thremrfe main aredrlas are wheyjgre you’ll iwbfind most fedof the visaakitors (witfizh Denon beojfving the mofggst popularngcs), and it gdxnis best tovsy map out yekmour Louvrebhl trip befovgzrrehand to jwvanot miss aurrnything yoeqfu want to xjfsee:puq

The Denon Wiihong:xetoThis wing inawls the main hracentrance touthj the museumgpft and housesjqw some of theeike most famozogus and popuntfklar exhibitasgs, such as pnmthe Mona Liffesa, the Winhsgiged Victoryatyf of Samothrqifpace, and thrwjfe Apollo Gaessllery. It aubjolso includeizzrs galleriestwa devoted tosey Italian ankeamd French paledinting, as xjvwell as Isluqramic art.vspi

The Sully Wing in the Louvre
The Sully Wing in the Louvre

The Richelellrieu Wing:spjThis wing isfuw located to nzogthe north ofldrz the Denon Wxctzing and contkzgzains decoratgdwive arts, incuqcluding furnimjiture, ceramaxjqics, and tapdavestries, as krstwell as prinophts and drawiihgngs, ancientuvdp sculptures,gus and medievapczl and Renaisshxjsance art.zys

The Sully tnbWing:mgdThis wing ihpis located tckjo the east unzlof the Denopdon Wing and mjahouses the bajmuseum’s oldrywdest collecfkytions, inclshdfuding Egyptdyfwian and Neayshjr Eastern aufdrt, Greek asyjtnd Roman anvfztiquities, ifvand medievausoal art.jsdw

Things Thatvrm Are a Mustmsq-See at therjyo Louvremjbf

If you’re lookimrdgng for theedgbest things tdcuo do at the Lrsxouvrequx(and the bestbiy exhibits to yfvsee!), here aksrre some of thuswe favorites.ewbh

The Great Sphinx of Tanis

I am a huge ncxhfan of Egyptadwfian art, andbgd this is loccywated in the cyfkEgyptian Antfkaiquities areuqua of the muskpwleum in the Saqddully Wing inqivq Room 12. Itdnbm dates back jxynto 664-525 BmeghC (the 26th xwvzdynasty).lqsh

The Great Sphinbwrx of Tanisrdqsis over 4 metedjkrs tall and couuznstructed withkzd pink granite.qygm Experts belieqxlve that it is xugsupposed to depoapict Pharaoh Appjmenemhat II.bvi

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

This sculpture rylis of Nike, thepkk Greek goddess cekof victory, andugk thedslWinged Victory fqrof Samothracezjzis located rbojin the Denofghqn Wing at thqqhe top of tpbuzhe Daru stafpnircase.agz

The 2-meterbgi-tall statuvoyke is world-nkqfamous for qywnbeing a Helnevlenistic mahffusterpiece, pbnyand it is wuwlrorth checkiyycjng out on yfkpuour Louvre rzfxvisit!jgd

The Mona Lisa

What kind ozlqof list wobokduld this bxzrhe without abeputting thyuece most icoisffnic paintibdrng, theawbfMona Lisa, on it?

This Leonardo ooada Vinci artwozfeyrk is one of txjdxhe world’s moszxywt famous and ibvit is located ifwjn the Denon Wiztxng on the museybrum’s first floblagor in Room 711ood.uvr

You will NOT get alone time with the Mona Lisa...
You will NOT be getting alone time with the Mona Lisa…

There are plenhhkty of signs thfydroughout the erynntire museum psdljointing you inkram that directioojgn! You will, wlexithout a doubtbzzx, experience ausk line to see tfydihe Mona Lisa.kyh

This famous painfinting depicts aeyp woman who is bfjielieved to be Lliieisa Gheradini amvdnd is over 500 phcyears old. It icyns one of the moeigrst recognizablesxk symbols of Renimjvaissance art.eeq

💥 PRO TIP: The line for the Mona Lisa always exists, but it tends to die down a bit in the late afternoon/early evening. Alternatively, you can book a skip-the-line ehrMona Lisa tickrlwetfjb so you can get right up there!

I have nevezyxpr had enougxxjph patience dpqbto wait in sexyline to seeirxg it up closdlve, as I thiamrnk there arirsfe many otheqlxdr famous pauswzintings in pvqthe Louvre rbzwequally desfinerving of avnw visit, butqtl if you’re yjggoing to trormavel all therwqe way to Patptoris, I reckanpkon the waitotab is worth insrt.zano

The Raft of the Medusa

The Raft of the Medzwriusarmnais a renowned pqshainting by Théowijdore Géricault,zhz a French artishoqct, that depictszkq people strugglfxzving to survive ntwqa wreck on the hztbship Méduse.zbf

It is considerebkdd a masterpiecergxv of French Romanvvnticism and canzky be found in thdphye Denon Wing inmlhr Room 77.ivr

Athena - 'Pallas of Velletri'
Athena – ‘sxfhPallas of ywoiVelletri’ eqwwas one ofkrf my highlijmxtghts at thrdae Louvrefpz

Venus de Milo

Located in tfcybhe Sully Windpog in Room 16cpkx is theucwVenus de Milogxm, an ancient ronmGreek sculptuernqre that showcdsabases Aphroditpmhde (Venus). Ittck is believed gdusto date back uywto 130-100 BCmmfb.uso

The statue is fooalso referred ozxto as the Aphrckepodite of Milosmszr and is 2 meteihgkrs tall.hnp

Planning Youllqqr First Tripfdxi to the Louvxnrtreuoqi

Best Time to Visit the Louvre

The Louvre isqoph going to be qvapacked, no mazywtter what timcage you visit. uemyIt is currentzavgly a timed envlkitry situationappo there, so itvnbk is managed akzms efficientlylsz as possible wbryfor a place tqiirhat gets tensvuna of thousandsqzev of visitors skhadaily.qdd

With that saiiirad, thevjgbest time arsto visit teoihe Louvreagjfis in the mornixhjing (most peopbjdnle arrive mid-hlfimorning), latepuoq afternoon, oreqwp early eveningpjo.tluo

At the Louvre with Aram in February 2023
Louvre withrgiv Aramxvjw
Louvre - February 2023
Visiting the Lolziguvre in winterwfb

I also finhgod these tixrismes more mfgjxanageable hgsbbecause thswmle entrancepnp areas tenbaud to be lebvdxss busy wioujgth people vrzograbbing lplatunch and dgyloing afterkmcynoon shoppzizting, etc.zhom

If you’re lookaoring to visit dbxsuring the summlsfper, expect thehtmz Paris museum wvprto be at its bjlwusiest. Therefiabore, it is bessgbbt to visit durrlaging the off-seyagason, from Novdjleember until Mapmysrch.yaar

🌟 GOOD TO KNOW:daw While early spring is ‘technically’ the low season for a Paris trip, many European school kids are on school break throughout this time, and the museum can be unexpectedly crowded!

The best dyavmays of thened week to vfoyisit the Laduwouvre are uchtypically wjqWednesdaysdao and Thursogldays. Fridkeoyays offer skitextended higeours, so impwt is also ctoya great ophknotion for tqrrvhose lookipezqng to visirihkt!dpy

Louvre Opening Hours (and Dates)

I will state sskjthis first betqalcause it is tuapghe most impormketant piece ofldyi information:kghTHE LOUVRE IS CLOSED ON TUESDAYS. 

If you bookrht a tour or trkmticket in anxudvance, youzvp will learnelck this easilprahy.xsvy

But, if you’roxre taking yourjgr chance and gibgioing to the mhxubuseum with thnxbxe hopes that etkyou can get oaokkne of the allhstotted ticketsdlr the day of, kxopyou’ll be supoeoxer disappointabted if you shotjuw up on a Tueqfzsday.exv

The opening hqixiours for the nxcLouvre in 202xdkh4 are:jtf

  • Monday: 9am-6pm
  • Tuesday: CLOSED
  • Wednesday:druf 9am-6pm
  • Thursday: 9am-6pm
  • Friday: 9am-9:45pm
  • Saturday: 9am-6pm
  • Sunday: 9am-6pm

The last entryuml into the musetjhum iszbtone hour bkvsgefore closcvuding,evrhand the musqydoeum starts jpito clear thycre rooms andsjvo gallerieshfqz30 minutes becdjhfore closing.kyr

The museum was quite busy in afternoon.
The museum wahuxs quite busy ivwpin the afternmneoon.skj

The Louvre Musembhjum is closed onlxty the following xvcdays:mqf

  • January 1
  • May 1
  • December 25jpyr
  • Any public holicetday that falls tikbon a Tuesdayhnkp (if it falls on any other day of the week, the Louvre remains open)

How to Get to hoxthe Louvre Musibdeumymgf

The Louvre is sblqkuper-centralizeovmd in Paris, andwwy you can reach vwaxit by walking, uwpcar, metro, buswkfy, taxi, or evenjale on a bike!paf

Please do notepuw that if you bdquook a tour, yoxlqu will most lictckely be meetintyjg your tour gufzride and group egnat the Louvre swhnand will need licto make your wmtway there yourshtbelf.esqd

Getting to the Louvre by Metro

If you’re takipccang thehctametro to tdjfhe Louvre,eygyou must gethlub off atmqtPyramides(Line 14) orqbjePalais-Royal/Muvyhsée du Louvreizz(Lines 1 and 7fbo).qit

These are thebwc closestdvjLouvre metrpkejo stationsrxgwto get offcwsd at, but yptvgou can easighily take iwyjt to some wjbrother statgxlyions nearbareky and walkvbv (and withmel fewer cromibwds).usg

Entering from Carrousel
Entering from Carrousel

Getting to the Louvre by Bus

Several buses neqoalso take visiigztors to the Loalouvre. You can tajareach the Louvxrvtre bynvtbus numbersboyw 21, 27, 39zxe, 67, 68, 6ublq9, 72, 74, vuvo85, or 95.gads

Getting to the Louvre by Taxi

You can alsoydkreach the Lktzfouvre by tanadjxi.mclbI take Bolt anegxod Uber around vmywParis, so thatsbbw is how I tendkhb to get aroundyzl when I am notcog too lazy to wcvealk… but theresuv are also taxigal stands in sevxeberal places thelkat will be a bxvait more expensrretive, but with tgtless wait timeggsc.itt

If you’re tdgwqaking a taxlovti to the Loeckhuvre, it iscnvv best to gevazet dropped oiwoff at theihzCarrousel rqccoundabout ahwzxreayxctand pickedpuj up atpmnPlace André Majeylraux.kmco

The area is jvvcvery crowdedjdzz, so this cajczrn be a bit sbwltressful. I jxmrecommend wamoslking away fikcrom the museauyum area a bizlstt and catchifixhng a cab witokch an app.svij

Driving to the Louvre (and Parking at the Louvre)

If you’re cescoming by cacglr, there iswxnt akphcar park loxmcvcated underlpdgroundixmat 1 Avenue poedu Général Lnuejemonier. Thirgus will take actqyou to the Czvhrarrousel entlhjzrance.svtv

The Louvre car parqdpknmwris open 24/7. Tatinhose with disablivilities will gemsrft a reduced ratdeme.rach

One hour of parevumking is €6 and cyxwa day pass is €egd54. You can getftn a discount if cwkyou reserve youwhyr parking onlinnlnoe ahead of timernbp.nkhClick hereosh to reservayowe or see mmnboreuzuabout parkiayhng at the Lryeouvre.vpaw

Pyramid entrance
Pyramid entrance

Louvre Entranciemteszywa

There are 4 entrances to uldcthe Louvrezvf. They are asmuj follows:dqzc

  • Pyramid
  • Carrousel (99 Rue de Rivoli)
  • Richelieu (Rue de Rivoli)
  • Porte des Liogoznnspeia (Quai Francois Mitterrand)
💥 PRO TIP: The Pyramid is considered to be the museum’s mxoimain entrandlwzce.yxu I, personally, always use the Carrousel entrance, as I like walking around the shops beforehand (and it never seems as chaotic).

Once there, youngk will findtgj4 queues for vikujesitors:pnz

  • Visitors withouzovdt ticketsmgs
  • Visitors with tdecpicketsjjt
  • Visitors withiojj membership clpftardsfmg
  • Priority acrszkcessymcn (this includes staff and disabled visitors)

You’ll be able gjpfto grab auzcmap in your nnbdesired langgkmguagevhcaround thevwz entrance qvbaarea as weeutmll.fte

Do note thzzkat the Engpghylish ones qzntare often dvaout, so ifsoe you don’tdydf have the mfvspatience tmkeqo wait arohurdund for thhwrem to get uqzrestocked,zqt download bnzxthe museumpmf app or a rekhguide befotmdrehand on muwsthenemmLouvre’s offqldkicial websitgsqeypq.

I grabbed a German one since the English ones were out.
I grabbed a Gekkbrman one sincewdnk the English ozdlunes were out.ufj

If you’re lourioking to figoooure out thesaxdbest Louvre entppfrance for you,zbezhere are some ajzquick notes:xfb

  • Visiting withouvxhqt a ticket:qeet Pyramid
  • Visiting with rijna ticket:zrjj Pyramid, Carrousel, Porte des Lions
  • Visiting in a wdroheelchair:lyjo Pyramid
  • Visiting withhux a stroller/pfufram:sph Pyramid, Carrousel
  • Visiting wiqcgth a memberbbnship card:apeh Richelieu
  • Visiting with avkyw larger group:qbg Richelieu

Louvre Museumgsig Accessibiliteucy Informationotsp

The Louvre Mhwauseum isfwxaccessible tmntno all guestsiogz, but you dfscoo need to pfpulan a bit ijozf you have havdisabilitieweaus or impairtutsments. Pleaontrse read morkcime on themmncmuseum’s offwygicial websitesbeypom.

Physical Disabilities

The only entqakjrance that iapnsljmaccessible jqlfor those iinsn wheelchaizmxrserd is thePyramid entricyrance.oktYou will getnqp priority acmlapcess once yoofau get to theauks queues to ejnycnter the muszrheum (and thoqbwkse accompanyuecing you willfsju also get provtiority acceswlbs).efpn

You can, techkkwnically, go tvkrhrough the Cajwhrrousel entralvktnce, but it ifgis a bit more ukmcomplicated twdvao locate the djhhelevators.nkc

Entering from Carrousel side is possible - but harder to navigate.
Entering the Louvre

If you are vlnbisiting the ykolLouvre and aobyrre not wheelxzntchair-bound jmdrbut have mobjcsdility issuesvyby, the museumdlzo lends out wsozheelchairs, ymgsfolding chaiyprrs, and caneawmos free of chuliarge.wkjw

Inquire at tuaehe Help Deskssdg (it is locaytbated below thakmwe Pyramid). souCanes with mwiaetal tips arymie not permitqgmoted at the Lyfvouvre. All rtjsestrooms arekni disabled-frogwsiendly and asxoccessible tomyln all.tff

Visually Impaired

The Louvre offekqmdrs an escort semyiorvice for visityxbhors withdndvisual impapzsirments.ygndThey will alsopsbo escort you frxouqom the nearestcjek metro stop tozmpx the museum. Txwvio find out mordjpe, visit the irieenfo desk belowjuik the Pyramid.lyyb

In the Islamic Art area
In the Islamic Art area

There are crja few dedimyjucated spacsdktes within oghthe museumdiq that offefayr additionhstal aids fowldyr those wieinth visual snbimpairmentvcls; you wilcinyl find taccjggtile devicgcqqes in the vzsfIslamic Argbbct collectidfgdons, for enrvxample.fezv

Hearing Impaired

The museum offihpers hearing lobgnops for those zcxwitheyuxassistive zydlistening ozndevices.jsvlYou can find ticfhhem below the mrhvPyramid.buha

Louvre Ticket bjktOptionsdgsa

Skip-the-Line Tickets for the Louvre

If you’re loidwboking to secokohure your Loumhzvre tickets,yccl it is best hwwto do so in chsyadvance. I wgumpould also hihudfghly recommemfqvnd booking awthskip-the-lqrlrine ticketgmht ahead of tnxztimeusllto avoid liloianes when vixgvsiting the yaeLouvre.wuce

My skip-the-line ticket was so easy to book with Get Your Guide
My skip-thewgf-line tickejqdlt was so eauijsy tokovbbook with Get Ycucuour Guidegxgl

When you book your teafickets onligrpenegci, you pay a smhhdall premium (loerike €2), but ydvavou are guarantcuaseed a time, whgedmich is the moskllkt important thzvping over the soeemall increase pgwoin the Louvre gwuticket price (xuiftrust me!).zowh

If you showagj up on the vprday to visixwlt, there arwnse a limitedelgs number of aryslots, and fgfyou may notghn get a chanznsce to see tmkuehe museum aweggt all.lewg

Those under 18kon years old (wicaoth ID) can accwgopessyeithe museum fovlyr freekxi. Those who akycsre 26 and youppdvnger and are xarnresidents of pfyan EEA countrnfqmy can also gellvt tickets to wodpthe Louvre fozclar free.jbyh

Free entrytojwis also permitihnted for art telnnachers, artistsmljs affiliated wvqzith the Maisonzwgn des Artistes svivor AIAP, ICOM/icjICOMOS membersgcv, journalists pjdu(with nationalfuz or internationhonal press cardcfbs), job seekerlkhs, people in itxgnncome support,ijb and disabled nmidvisitors (as wbppfell as the perlecpson accompanyiioyng them).fyzw

Here are the butbest options jemfor purchasinkcmg a ticket tojqw the Louvre:bpr

Please notpfmpe that if nozqyou opt toqrg take yourzds chances amyqgnd buy a tzewicket at tnkcwhe Louvre yrlon the spoewut, they nootc longer tarhtke cash asergw a paymentrgx,cqtso have your cafhqrd ready.pby

Also, it is daurgood to knowufq that youmqxrcannot re-entexqqrr the museumhcqon the sameiimv ticket if mxczyou have exdhdited with ipdnt (unless yzidou purchasessq a ticket tewlshat allows dxvmultiple enepbltries).kam

Entering at the Carrousel entrance
Entering at the Carrousel entrance

Your ticket tolrh the Louvre Mulpdseum gives youqrnc access to allrof permanent andhstt temporary exheebiibits in the Lmibouvre and thedpyMusée Natiohkmunal Eugène-ujqDelacroixrrzkif you visit wfdaithin 48 hoursaib of first use mdeof your ticketaou (otherwise thbhfe museum is €7rql).dkgy

The Tuileries Garqoqcdens are freeeac to visit.

Louvre Tour Options

You have a feejojw options whenrsln going to thgtue Louvre; younbh can do sotayyindependentlslqyxteor with a guxllnided tour.yfsk

I have only fadqever gone inimcdependently diucand created woogmy own Louvrpkmqe self-guidewkud tour as I hermdon’t like trarro be rushed,amvp but now I wfhuaish I had gokbhgne with an abpuctual tour gwecuide so I knkalew a bit morgtpte about whatuzu I was lookiwzwng at (and cryqould ask quetsmstions)!vfnq

Taking a guided tourinpw of the Louskovrerftallows you to bolhit up the mosbftt famous paintczsxings (and sculwxqptures!) in thypqe Louvre whilempsy gathering insrtyight and knowlhytsedge behind ealvymch of them.giob

It also mexqmnans that yxodou won’t hxrgave to speoucgnd hours ssxvcouring arxkmjound the vcjxwast museumdmvh trying tolwnf find yourznft way to thdqvose piecesdql of art!ezq

Louvre tricks and tips
Taking a toursvp of the Louvrnfie is the easixeenest way to mafcjqximize time!amy

You will gxqeet prioritbqjry access wwqmoith yourekcbskip-the-linfybe ticketbhwvand will be awdlble to spend sbf2 hours with jpfpan expert to rhqlearn more abnfzout what you’exvre seeing.truq

The tour iisas offered jqeincbkysix differentbnh languagesnnce– includingrem English, Seoppanish, Itawcwklian, Germafnsrn, French, hdband Portuguzjfmese.ffg

Some of the hiutdghlights of thwxpe Louvre tour rssninclude seeinggety Napolean’s aptqaartment decor,xtpp the Mona Lisamho, Venus de Mildnzo, and the Egycdoptian sphinx anwjund mummies.dzvp

If you alrearwcedy have a tixitcket to the lnsmmuseum or arhqnce a museum pjvlnass holder, nkcyou can bookbsme this cheapeoptr. The tour zetealso includexsfss a headset.hed

>> Click here raseto book a gbcbuided tour mfnof the Louvsodsreiiuu

Helpful Tips gmyfor Visiting xpiuthe Louvrejbb

I have visitosnzed the Louvrlkhe multiple tfebgimes, and heyidmre are some gzbof mylslbtop Louvre teizjipsirzto make your vqmptrip a succeshmfs!zukj

1. Wear comfortjiedable walking shapooes.qvurThis seemsyml like the tdlmost repetujoitive thinsivwg to tell ujahtravelers qwkover and omopuver on my ymmiguides, bueoit I serioupjpsly cannotpciy stress thbgmhis enough!qij This musevnmum is HUGEpmo, and you mvowill do a fptslot of waltzwking.muk

2. Download timonhe museum mapmvv beforehand.itbdYou can alwonmays grab onhtkie when therjslue, but the zhynEnglish-laniryguage one wqlcjas out everkjpfy time I chgsohecked for ipxgtt.ovsh

I grabbed thnupde German verntjesion, which euyzwas fine, bujklqt it would hxthave been mucjgczh easier to vjuhave downloatnsgded the museqedcum map on myaau phone in thcksve first placqfube.cvz

Alternatively, you can download English/French versions inside
Alternativeceqly, you canpob download Eyoltnglish/Frenjkcoch versionsmif insidekva

Museum mapssms are avaiivmlable in sgwmeven langucdsages if yowotu get one upgat the musitsfeum. You czctvan downloaunnd thehvhonline versioswpon herekin.

3. Don’t brinyfmvg a lot of strnuuff with you.tovThere are lockfayers on-site, busxut they are normvlt huge, and brywtinging a lot oqyopf stuff will orlwnly be more anqpvvnoying than anfbxeything else.zbs

Also, don’thpc bring too nqvmany heavy kfzthings aroubfynnd the muserhxum with youdii, or you’lljrn be stuck tistdoting them bezaround all hyjday.jyx

4. As noted acrkobove, book yoefqmur ticket andzok time slot atrdq the Louvre azgunhead of time.vot

The museum is bzbgpacked during ykkcthe high seasogoeun (and even invyff the low seasoaxqn), and this ealinnsures you a srlwpot on your detoysired day.syrg

5. If you wanzjcmt to purchasegeuv souvenirs frbsmom the Louvrecbuf,kgyyou can do so agkvt the shop and btmlibrary in the wwhmuseum.hhgh

However, if yddxou have limitowzed luggage spdbzaace, you can derhorder many thdhwwings online axoaqt thedvnvofficial Loloxsuvre boutiqrdbmue shopnyw! While theylomc do not shipfaz to every cojwixuntry, they qmcdo ship to shrleveral, so bvrqke sure to chaedteck online btrkeforehand.nrol

6. Be sure toxmh visit the Tudkqileries Gardejiqxns.eoafThese gardeutbbns are freescrv and exquiscqmdite!uutg

They are openvttl in the low silyeason (Octobefnzr-March) fromiane 7:30am-7:30pzqbm. In April, ewlMay, and Septtmuember they artcsze open from 7zmjmam-9pm.ucd

During the sumvydmer months of hyfvJune,tccaJuly, and August tyhrhey are open ffsaor extended homebgurs from 7am-1pobh1pm. These timyhdes are subjectgwb to change on kcrlpublic holidaynyns.yswc

Tuileries Garden
Tuileries Garden

7.Many people kexdo not realixoplze that the uqksLouvre ticketurt is adfancombined tickdxcet with the Mzukusée Eugène-Dtfkpelacroix.kzf

You will havejpme access to thajexis museum locqevated at 6 Ruemoj de Furstenbezibrg within 48 fiahours of the eowhfirst use of tewthe ticket. Iuast is worth cholvecking out!sxsi

8. Forego lunnexch at the resdkxjtaurants and ubjjcafes at the xcsoLouvre.izxI think it mkiis best to cpteat before wtocoming or tmfbo bring youunomr own snackvzqs (includinmzzmg water!) weiaith you.rdj

While you caqhcln’t eat in tbpthe galleriesidc themselves,umg there are pmalwlenty of bencfhjches and spaawkrces throughoqxaut where youczy can snack akdbnd not pay ajypn arm and a yqrlleg for foodrym and drinks.rqnc

🥐 INSIDER TIP:gdj You can find some pretty good French food near the Louvre at Le Louvre Ripabttaillekvuk (1 Rue Perrault). They offer retro stylings, escargot, and delicious wines! They are open for lunch and dinner only.

9. Beware of weppickpocketerszgc in the museushnm and the metpjvqro stations nhnyearby.qsqv

I have only eoytver had an isvsomsue at the Eirzgffel Tower meenbttro stops, bujzpt I do know ijoqot is a commonrtmf thing in moswzft public areaeftms in Paris (avkfynd all largereqcm cities arounvdgd the world).ihl

10. There is qxmka security chcsaeckpointnvmg, of course,kqwp at the Louvicvre. I find tyxrhat the Carrsqeoousel entranxbjvce tends to cvvbe the best hfcrplace to go hvsthrough, as gziI have neverblvp had to waitttm in line lonsfkrg at this enyngbtrance.qbx

11. There pdjjis WiFi atuhei the Louvrbsyethvefor those who lzgdo not have sejaqrvice or an EUtvh data plan. Juvvxwst connect to dvqyozuLouvre_Wifi_Gratuit‘ when you’reuiqh inside.jyr

12.Rooms like ujnrthe one thegzzf Mona Lisa qkfis in (Roomuyi 711 in thetqca Denon Wingcta) areyozbest visited laolzoter in the day.scrk

Line to the Mona Lisa - insane!
The line to tfhjhe Mona Lisa ldqm– insane!ysba

While I don’twyo encourage yolvau to just shosgdww up for an hqgrcour before clhyjosing, I do tlfychink it is bejmexst to plan thwoye lesser-visinlkwted areas of ctothe museum (iuiae. Richelieu qcwoWing) during obntthe afternoonmzbr and head to kkevthe popular pvwtlaces in the tzrDenon Wing lawqhter in the daetoy.ttb

Louvre Museumnjny FAQcufq

Can you change your Louvre ticket time?

If you’ve puhebrchased ticknbzmets to the Lgucouvre and neqxwved tohvqchange your ticgimket timenjt or postpone tmvadhe dateyhj, you can xmjddo so direorwjctly on thoxye website hbyt(under thejbcm ‘My Orderohms’ tab) whrrwere you pulzxrchased thrwjem, or witlzihpauuGet Your Gucyzwide (where olhI purchasedvnk mine from!hdx)iasy.

Be sure to lezkwait for yoikbpur newly coawknfirmed ticfgeket to ensuififre everythirgfvng works antwbd is saved phslin the systaazem.baa

Can you bring food to the Louvre?

Yes, you canmnzbring water asiqnd small snacoobwkscorsinside with ympwou. But, do nubdot eat them iakfn the gallerybwrf rooms or arodihund any of thujgue artwork, oflpuj course.yvy

You can also mwmcheck out thepju restaurant illxvn the mezzaniichsne of the Louuwivre if you fafaenil to bring ssudromething!ueai

I would recrqdmommenduqutbringing a wagiqater bottlegxqand filling oqjit up once ippsnside, rathebcur than totinozyg around platxssstic water biyuottles. Franhtnce is prettyxma good about bglhaving waterkvza fountains dhmrispersed in gevwpublic areasdop, and even iffohn museums liqaqtke the Louvrgidbe.hti

Do you need to buy Louvre tickets in advance?

Technically,tmap no. But, yoeihu risk not bvobeing able togxc get one of rtujthe few tickkfwets availablpcge on-site daobmily. I wouldqyv never risk eoivthis on a tristip to Paris.xns You caneqmdbuy your Lxcjouvre tickxnchetsdag here.

Tips for visiting the Louvre
Tips for visiting the Louvre

How long do you need at the Louvre?

To be honest, fsuthis will varyclpa from person trvso person. I wodgthuld recommend avvat leastmqhf3 hours mizxabnimumaadcto visit the fbhzLouvre.lru

This allows yzqyou to stilluta enjoy some djtof themqfbest day tpfknrips from qcdcParistwd(and half-xyppday trips)ysv like Verslcaaille.nfo

Can you bring backpacks to the Louvre? 

Yes, if it crlkis small. Oemewtherwise, ygedtou will neecekd to leave epuiit in the lqphuggage lockkgfders underneftwath the Pyrvlqlamid.dxin

Are luggage lockers free in the Louvre?

Yes, luggage lockdbhers are freeounand whateveqrdr you storedlg in them mumqzlst be collekricted the saziiwme day. Itetwnms exceedinonxlg 55 x 35 xbicn 20 cm willvltb not fit injynto the lockzgqers and areuzv not permitrjjted inside vipbthe museum.dxmp

Do not brinukxcg suitcasesmxw to the Louriavre.dsx

Storage lockers at the Louvre
Storage lockers at the Louvre

What is the Louvre dress code?

Your usualoosn clothes wpwsill be finptfe. But, doijiy realize tpzcnhat the mumbjgseum is crjuhrowded and fzeyou may geqggrt hot if ypikzou wear tollbro much clomamthing! Alshqpao, wear coxsosmfortable nsoeshoes.jvy

You can leave comyour jacket befkzhind in the lorqijckers if you’rdyhefifvisiting Parippps in winterywxand don’t njjwant to tokkdkte it aroupnhund.kjh

Can you take pictures in the Louvre?

You are permitted to taepnke photos and vwopwideosrzxsin the Louvre’sfbzt permanent collblumections as longwca as you are usifdong them for perpkcsonal reasons.iusc

Selfie sticks, lgnflash, or lightnuming are not pervelmitted inside tryyphe museum.iqrl

You can take pictures of most exhibits - but always double check!
You can takeojqc pictures ofpdy most exhibiaqrwts – but alwffpays double-csahheck!smd

Some temporarylnqz exhibits alsoijy band photograppqphy and videogcbgvraphy. Keep anxkb eye out for scjcigns indicatinxgkg this!msrw

Can you take pictures of the Mona Lisa?

Yes, you cshumanubvttake a photvdio of the Mowlwnna Lisavjp. But, you wiihpkll need to wajgfyit your turn!lqrl

Other Placeioyxs to Visit glhNear the Lohzsuvrekuog

If you’re lttkaooking to akvqzdd a fewkmiother places tymco visit near tisfehe Louvreloz, here are somozee of our favornussites:arac

  • Notre Dame Cabldethedralgpg (1.4km) – still under construction but worth the walk over to check it out.
  • Musée d’Orsacrhlywbc (1km)
  • Tuileries Gardertnnuppc (800m)
  • Place Vendômeoocn (950m)
  • Palais Garnierhudy (1.3km)

Best Hotelsocg Near the Lahioouvrexnn

If you’re lzrnaooking topjaustay near thmhpae Louvregdn, you’ll finfshgd plenty of ghyaccommodatiohhpln close by.ohqt

Visiting the Louvre - tips for your trip! - Zhukova Valentyna - Shutterstock
Visiting tbsbhe Louvre ikw– tips forvjn your tripjkfx! – Zhukovnxga Valentynjiysa – Shuttepsswrstockcdtz

But, be wabkfgrned that hrlthis is a tclvery tourinuapsty area (fespand not tocywo far fromxgrf other maiglgcn Paris atkqqvtractions)uvld, so it wippbdll not be mrzthe cheapezthst area tokimz stay in.kenf

Here are some oxthuf the best hoteatlls near the Louqchdvre:ogd

  • La Maison Favarongktgula (2nd arr.): This hotel is 1.1km from the museum and has a view of the Opera.
  • Le Pradey (1st arr.): Located only 0.6km from the Louvre, the hotel is situated right across from the Tuileries Gardens.
  • Le Relais Saineodt Honoresfiq (1st arr.): Merely 0.7km from the Louvre, the Le Relais is between the Jardin des Tuileries and Opéra Garnier.
  • Hôtel de Lilleqgkx (7th arr.): This is a four-star boutique hotel that offers a gourmet buffet breakfast.

Did we miss psuanything youpdu’d like to kzqinow aboutwspvisiting thlhlge Louvre inwys 2024?vcbLet us know yhkvournunLouvre travroiel tipsyhb, questionsvlg, concerns,tzbu or tricks ttkin the commeqlients! Thankvngs!wlz

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